b'AteamfromBoston-basedParker-Torres Design came to Scottsdale to get inspiration for the scheme, taking walks throughout the prop-ertys 250 acres, observing the ways guests use various spaces and features, and dutifully dining and window-shopping in the neighborhood to assimilate, and then create.Kevin Barry Fine Art, a consultancy with offices in Las Vegas and California, collaborated with Parker-Torres to develop the distinctive live-edge diptych titled Drift featured on one wall. The thought was to have the piece split as if you were looking into the crevice of a canyon, says Parker-Torres Shannon Howard. Layers of textured substrate cast in resin were carved and stacked to create layers.The carved quality of the ridges and the wind-swept texture of the piece evoke a sandstone desert canyon, perfectly complementing the Scottsdale landscape, says Kevin Barry Fine Art principal Allison Barry.Art has the potential to not only be beauti-ful, but to tell the story of a property, she says. When done right, it immerses the guest in the overall narrative, from the public space into each guest room. THE WESTIN KIERLAND MAGAZINE 37'