b'Kierland UncommonOK, Play!Looking to unwind after a long day or just take a break from your fun in the sun? Swing by The Westin Kierlands OK Corral to cool off in the shade. Located adjacent to the Adventure Pool, SNAKEthe OK Corral provides hours of CHARMERS fun family activities including lawn chess, basketball, and ping Snakes have long captured peoples imaginations, whether its with trou- pong. Join the FUN team every blemaking serpents in Edenic gardens or mythological monsters sportingFriday and Saturday evening for venomous reptiles as hair. But today, visitors can separate fact from fiction, thanks to the specially created habitats in the resort lobby. the Kierland Campfire experience The desert often feels like a different planet compared to where a lotcomplete with Arizona smores.of our guests live, explains General Manager Derek Ellis. Our resident reptiles help educate them about the deserts natural wildlife.The reptile exhibits represents the hotels ongoing partnership with the Phoenix Herpetological Sanctuary (PHS), a reptile rescue and rehabilitation center in North Scottsdale that maintains the reptile exhibits on property. Each Friday morning, a caretaker from PHS comes to the resort to feed and clean the reptiles, share fun facts, and yes, even dispel a myth or two.It really has become the educational experience we wanted it to be, Ellis notes. Because sometimes fact is even better than fiction.THE WESTIN KIERLAND MAGAZINE 13'