b'BY LISA POLACHECKEco-LuxuryCOLOR PALETTES AND INDIGENOUS DESIGNS UNIQUE TO THE SOUTHWEST MAKE ACCOMMODATIONS AT THE WESTIN KIERLAND A STUDY IN COOL RELAXATIONI llumination streams from a basketwoven lamp like sunlight through trees. A wall hanging evokes the feeling of looking into a canyon. The carpet and furniture textures mimic rippled, dried sand. The natural world gently informs the interior environment of The Westin Kierland Resorts 735 guestrooms, and the effect is as welcoming as a cool swath of shade on a hot deserts day.We are thrilled to welcome guests and the community to our property, where we seamlessly blend the needs of tomorrows luxury traveler with the enduring spirit of the Southwest, says Resident Manager Amy Givens.THE WESTIN KIERLAND MAGAZINE 35'