b'BY ANN WYCOFFDesertOasisBLISS OUT AT AGAVE, THE ARIZONA SPA & SALONN ever has it been more important to prac-tice self-care to help alleviate the stress-ors of the past few years. Taking time to focus on your health and well-being through self-care practices is preventive medicine and a wonderful way to fuel the soul.There is an encouraging shift in the self-care world, says Agave, The Arizona Spa Director Brittany Flores. We have seen our guests incorporate more spa services into their wellness routine to rejuvenate their mind, body and soul. Guests are placing massages as high priority for themselves because they understand their well-being is a priority.Agave, The Arizona Spa takes inspiration from its desert landscape, indigenous healing traditions, and its namesake medicinal plant. At this halcyon haven, youll find myriad relaxing therapies and restorative treatments delivered by healing hands.THE WESTIN KIERLAND MAGAZINE 47'