b'The Scotch Library houses more than 300 bottles of whisky, but several of them are as rareand deliciousas they come.Toast ofthe ResortIts one thing to read about whiskies, another to try them. Round out your knowledge at one of The Westin We started out with 125 scotch whiskies just nine years ago, says Sporbert,Kierlands diverse tasting opportunities.most of them single malts. Now we have more than 350 different bottles. ProbablyAN EVENING OF SCOTCHES10 to 15 percent of our collection is comprised of rare whiskies, and overall, fiveFriday Nights at 6 pm at the percent are very rare; we have 30 single malt whiskies aged 30 to 50 years. ThatsAmbassadors Table in the Scotch an extraordinary number to have in one place. Most restaurants and bars that spe- Library. Reservations required.cialize in scotch might have a couple. Its a significant investment. AMBASSADOR TASTINGSSporbert, whose passion and knowledge for scotch whiskies dates back moreThis popular experience is led by a than four decades, and which blossomed while tending bar at some of ScottsdalesScotch Ambassador who introduces top resorts, is the very capable host of the resorts Friday night tastings. He creditsthe six whisky-producing regions management for the rare scotch whisky emphasis.of Scotland before guiding guests The hotel likes to celebrate the contributions of the early Scottish immigrantsthrough a customized tasting, which to the area, he says. We do that through our nightly playing of the bagpipes andincludes a choice of three different through this scotch collection. As far as how we choose and acquire our whiskies,1 oz. pours paired with individual its a collaborative effort. We read, we travel, and our distributors make us awarepresentations of chefs curated when something unusual might be available. canapes.Sporbert says that many guests come in because theyre curious and oftenSCOTCH RECEPTIONSwind up sampling some of the 20-somethings in the collection. We sell a goodA social experience designed to deal of the Glenfarclas 21, the Glenfiddich 21, and the Balvenie 21. The Balvenieencourage conversation about and 25 Single Barrel, too. Another popular scotch is the Glenmorangie Grand Vintageenjoyment of the world of Scotch, 1991a flawless whisky. Its a little bit priceymore than $100 for a glassbuttypically offering four to six choices its exquisite. The Glenfiddich Grande Couronne 26-year-old, aged in a cognacof the libation. Whether to enlighten cask, does well also.the novice or the aficionado, a Scotch Then he hauls out the heavy hitters. Ambassador will be a tour guide Our oldest whisky in the library is a 62-year-old Macallan. But thats not thethrough the extensive Scotch Library rarest, says Sporbert. That would be our 50-year-old Balvenie. There are only 131Collection, offering valuable insights bottles of that release available anywhere, and only four places to purchase it byand knowledge to make this a truly the glass in the U.S. Its among the most expensive whiskies in the world. memorable evening.When asked why someone would pay such a price to sip a scotch whisky, Sporbert chuckles and says, When youre sipping a Balvenie 50, youre practically guaranteed that no one on earth is doing what youre doing right that minute.Youd also be hard-pressed to find a better place on earth to be sipping that rare Balvenie than at The Westin Kierlands Scotch Library. Guy, pour us another. Were going to linger awhile. THE WESTIN KIERLAND MAGAZINE 27'