b'Lindy LaBauveLocalKnowledgeD irector of Instruction Lindy LaBauve brings a wealth of golf knowledge and a passion for helping her students advance their game. A Phoenix native, Lindy attended Louisiana State University as a college golfer and upon graduating entered into a position as head coach at the University of South Carolina Beaufort. She then accepted a teaching position at Sea Island Golf Club in Georgia, where she was able to shape some of her own teaching methods from some of Americas greatest instructors, including Jack Lumpkin, Todd Anderson, Mike Shannon, and Gale Peterson. Kindhearted and warm, patient and thoughtful, driven and diligent, Lindy has been in her current position at The Westin Kierland since 2018.ON WHAT MAKES THE WESTINLINDYS TIPS FOR PRACTICEKIERLAND GOLF CLUB A STANDOUT The Westin Kierland Golf Club is the place where I learned how to play golf and where I Quality over quantity is always Test yourself. If you hit the grew up, so it has always felt like home. The staff is wonderful and works together well.better. Practice with a purpose.same shot over and over again, There is a great energy here, and you can telland get into a rhythm, you may be that people are happy in their jobs. Its also a Play games to make it fun. Youbuilding some muscle memory, very accessible place for lessons. It is a greatcould do putting contests withbut you also may give yourself a location, and it is a family friendly place, afriends to create pressure, or try to non-intimidating environment regardlessfalse sense it will work once you of the level of player. I have the opportunityget the ball up and down three outget to the golf course. In addition to teach a wide spectrum of players, fromof five times while chipping. Gamesto block practice, or hitting the novice to highly competitive players, andhelp you focus differently. Youshot over and over to build muscle golfers of all ages. Ive even given lessons toare trying to achieve something, kids as young as three years old. memory, you also have to do just like you are trying to achieverandom practice. Pick different HER BEST ADVICE FOR BOTHsomething on the golf course.targets and different clubs, going NOVICE AND SEASONED GOLFERS through your routine each time The faster you let go of a bad shot the better. Try not to let if affect your next shot,just like you would on the golf and the game will be more fun and yourcourse, to try to execute the shot.score can improve.THE WESTIN KIERLAND MAGAZINE 55'